diD Analytics helps find the right data and the right customers that make you money.

Using the Pareto Principle and various consumer segmentation models, we use your existing data to profile customers and their behaviours.  We then access and append new data from several big data-sets to create much richer customer profiles.  Accurate profiles help you find and retain more of your best customers, focusing fewer resources on poor performing customer segments.   The result is superior ROI on marketing, product development, customer acquisition and retention over traditional methods.



Over 30,000 data variables and counting …

A 360° view of your customers lets you make better decisions.

Until recently, the most sophisticated marketing tools, techniques and big data assets have been available only to the Fortune 500 or companies that could afford them.  More importantly, they have been available only to those who even knew they existed. Fortunately, in recent years the internet and technology have dramatically improved access to tremendous volumes of data and have dramatically reduced the costs associated with acquiring it.

For example, today we have access to over 30,000 pieces of information on consumer behaviour and we can identify those consumers on a point on the ground; where they live, work and play. We can access vast amounts of data – from what they buy and where (specific brands/retailers), what they read (print and digital), watch and listen to (on and offline), how many friends they have on Facebook, where they vacation, what they drive, how they invest, right down to their attitudes and beliefs on religion, sex, gun control, immigration policy and abortion. The data exists and it is accessible to your organization.

However, you don’t need 30,000 pieces of data on your customers.  You only need a few of the right variables.  Using the right data to make important marketing and other strategic decisions always net our clients remarkable results.

Let us show you how

Who is diD



  1. acronym for data, insight, decision
  2. implies that without the right data organizations cannot develop the insights required to make effective decisions

We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge.

diD Analytics is the consulting arm of STAT Analytics & Technology Inc..

During any given project, diD Analytics employs the latest tools and techniques including data provided by Claritas, Environics Analytics, Acxiom, Statistics Canada, Nielsen, Rogers, Numeris, BBM, NADbank and dozens more of North America’s leading data providers.

diD Analytics is not a creative firm.  We simply help your internal teams or your agency improve what you’re already doing to get better results.

There are lot of great creative and marketing firms that execute design, media planning, direct mail, outdoor, broadcast, social and other marketing tactics. But it’s bothersome that most do not advise clients and make decisions based on reliable data.  It’s available so why not use it?

William Lever (of the Lever Brothers) once said, “I know half my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half.”

That’s what we do. diD Analytics helps your internal teams, agency or consultants make better decisions on where and how to spend your marketing dollars. It’s about the targeting the right audience, with the right message, through the right channels, at the right time.  diD helps you find and retain more of your best customers, focusing fewer resources on poor performing customer segments.  The right data can also provide insights on a myriad of other marketing, financial and strategic decisions.

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